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By Haig Khatchadourian M.A., Ph.D. (auth.)

It is neither far-fetched nor over-modest to imagine that a few readers will consider that one other ebook on philosophical research is superfluous, considering there are at this time a couple of effective books, essays or col­ lections of essays at the topic. a part of the explanation which makes me desire that the current e-book isn't really superfluous is that its target isn't the same as that of a lot of those books or essays. What i actually have at­ tempted to do is to stipulate my very own perspectives concerning the nature and attainable varieties and kinds of philosophical research: the results of sustained mirrored image at the topic for the prior few years. The equipment of analy­ sis which are right here considered as "proper," and in a better or lesser measure philosophically precious tools are usually not, of their common positive factors, relatively whatever new. they're encouraged or are literally being practised via assorted modern philosophers; and a few of them have an extended and hallowed heritage in the back of them. notwithstanding, the current paintings makes an attempt to give those tools in a sort or demeanour which, it truly is was hoping, will lead them to appropriate, or much less inacceptable, to philosophers with widely-divergent attitudes or biases. a big function of the booklet is that not anyone strategy or kind of technique is considered the correct technique or form of approach to philosophical research to the exclusion of others; in sharp distinction to the perspectives or perform of quite a lot of modern philosophers.

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And it does convey a meaning which cannot be conveyed merely by using the corresponding expressions. Thus when we speak of the idea of democracy, we mean something which cannot be conveyed merely by our referring to the meaning of 'democracy' or to the conventional connotation(s) of this term; nor merely by any statements in which 'democracy' is used. This is precisely because, as we shall see in some detail, a concept is not identical with the meaning or with the connotation of an expression (if and when it has a connotation).

Nevertheless, only the latter is open to us if we wish to speak of the concept man as a concept. But what is the nature, the content of the "concept" male human being? To answer this we must ask, first, what the nature, the content of the concepts male and human being are. What now is the content of the concept male? " Similarly with human being. " is usually translated into: 1 I am not including value terms because the question as to whether they express concepts is still a matter of controversy.

They seem to have been invented principally, if not solely, in order to fulfill emotive and dynamic functions. The persistence of their particular emotive and dynamic functions seems to be intended. It is part and parcel, and a requisite condition, of their proper function. mg, use. 1 1 But note that even the emotive coloring of such words as 'good' and 'bad' is not abso. " 1 Assuming this to be true in some sense of 'say nothing,' their "saying nothing at all" cannot be equated with "having no meaning at all" 2; nor can we, as Virgil Aldrich does,3 legitimately speak of these expressions' pictorial function or use - their giving us pictures - as a type of meaning in our first sense of this term.

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