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By William B. McGregor

This quantity units out to supply a accomplished description of the grammar of Gooniyandi, a non-Pama-Nyungan language of the southern-central Kimberley zone of Western Australia. It covers phonetics and phonology, observe word and clause constitution, and the semantics of closed-class grammatical goods. the foremost concentration is, notwithstanding, on which means: how do Gooniyandi audio system suggest with and of their language. To this finish, the theoretical framework of systemic sensible grammar, quite as elaborated in Halliday's contemporary paintings, is followed. convinced refinements to the speculation are proposed to be able to greater account for the Gooniyandi facts. Of seen significance to these learning Australian aboriginal languages, this paintings has an significance to a much wider viewers for its potent presentation of idea justification.

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1). There is evidence that the opposition is privative (cf. 1. However, various pieces of evidence suggest the relative markedness of each member of the opposition with respect to the other. [-continuant] consonants are either nasals or stops. There is some evidence that the opposition between these two is privative, with nasals marked with respect to stops. 1). It seems reasonable to account for these alternations between stops and nasals with the feature opposition [±nasal]. That stops but not nasals regularly lenite to glides at certain boundaries when following continuants, is further evidence of the unmarkedness of stops vis a vis nasals.

This orthography was designed principally in order to facilitate the transfer of literacy skills from English (although personally I do not feel that it went far enough in this direction). It is not phonemic. The symbol d, for example, represents two distinct phonemes: the apico-alvcolar stop, and the apico-alveolar tap or trill. 6. 2). It seems that there is a very positive attitude towards this orthography among both staff and students. However, the fact that it is non-phonemic makes it inappropriate and cumbersome for a work of this nature.

E texts. Nearly all of the textual material gathered has been scanned at somt~ lim~ or other, and a selection of the interesting utterances have also been mduded m the corpus. DATA USED IN THIS INVESTIGATION 33 Very early in the course of the fieldwork I became aware of problems inherent in the standard field procedure of eliciting responses to clccontcxtualisz~d English sentences. It was frequently the case that speakers would, on different occasions give three or four distinct translation equivalents to a single English prompt.

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