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By Takamitsu Muraoka, Bezalel Porten

This can be the 1st up to date, and entire grammar of Egyptian Aramaic as provided in texts of Egyptian provenance courting from the heart of the 1st millennium B.C.E. and as edited by way of B. Porten and A. Yardeni of their Textbook of Aramaic records from old Egypt (Jerusalem, 1986). The grammar covers not just the phonology and morphology, yet incorporates a colossal part on morphosyntax and syntax. it's a descriptive grammar enriched with the specialist wisdom and familiary of 1 of the co-authors with the contents and history of the texts in query. it truly is intended to interchange P. Leander's Laut- und Formenlehre des Agyptisch-Aramaischen (1928), yet additionally supplementations it considerably, since it had no syntax. The grammar can be a vade mecum for each Aramaist, Semitist and people drawn to a examine of those historic texts of maximum significance and curiosity.

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N''3i«'(^). In general, proper nouns tend to be rather conservative, but even here absolute dogmatism is to b e avoided: cp. n n t r C 3 . 1 3 : l l (411 BCE) vs. 8IIIA:8 (471 BCE). A complicating factor here is that some of these names are borne by Jews, and the question is to what extent their names had been Aramaised. This orthographic fluctuation gives rise to a couple of questions as regards the phonetic reality lying behind it. On the one hand, it appears almost certain that by the end of the fifth century BCE i had c o m e to b e felt to stand closer to the phonetic value of the consonant in question, although such awareness appears to have existed already about a cenmry earlier.

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