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By Trevor G. Fenell, Henriki Gelson

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Copular Clauses: Specification, Predication And Equation

This publication is anxious with a category of copular clauses often called specificational clauses, and its relation to other forms of copular constructions, predicational and equative clauses specifically. in accordance with proof from Danish and English, I argue that specificational clauses contain an analogous center predication constitution as predicational clauses ― one that combines a referential and a predicative expression to shape a minimum predicational unit ― yet vary in how the predicational middle is learned syntactically.

The Evolution of Grammar: Tense, Aspect, and Modality in the Languages of the World

Joan Bybee and her colleagues current a brand new idea of the evolution of grammar that hyperlinks constitution and which means in a fashion that at once demanding situations so much modern types of generative grammar. This examine specializes in the use and which means of grammatical markers of stressful, element, and modality and identifies a common set of grammatical different types.

A Grammar of Bilua: A Papuan Language of the Solomon Islands (Pacific Linguistics)

This grammar of Bilua, a revision of the author's PhD thesis, is the 1st complete description of the language. Bilua is spoken on Vella l. a. Vella island within the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. in response to the 1976 census there are approximately eighty five vernacular languages indigenous to the Solomon Islands.

Syntactic aspects of topic and comment

The publication makes a speciality of the syntactic habit of argument noun words looking on their discourse prestige. the most language of attention is German, however it is proven that the observations could be carried over to different languages. The declare is that discourse-new arguments stay contained in the vice president the place they're base generated.

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2–17 Pesticides move into the soil as a result of three processes: pesticide diffusion in the aqueous phase along a solute-concentration, diffusion in the gas phase in response to a gradient in gas-phases concentration, and convection (mass flow) of the pesticide. 2–18 The giraffe and the elephant have solved the same problem: how to drink without kneeling. 3 Comparative specifics A borderline pattern, which we have nevertheless accepted, given its similarity to the core SN cases, is where the specifics of the SN is presented in a comparative construction.

E. the requirement for lexical realisation and the signposting functions, must still be explained if a comprehensive treatment of the area is to be provided. Ivanic (1991) and Schmid (2000) both note the parallel between the ‘container sentence’ frame and Halliday’s account of ‘identifying clauses’, clauses in which the subject and complement are equated and presented as having a shared identity. ’ Thus, example 2–6 could be reworded as 2–6a, as follows: 2–6a That it is not possible to explain adequately the photoresponse in the whole wavelength range of these films within the theoretical framework of only one model is the reason.

Huddleston (1971: 198) has made a similar observation, but takes it further: Clause structure: SN + be + nominalisation 17 It . . seems reasonable to argue that the relation of complements to verbs in clauses is essentially the same as that of complements to nouns in NP’s. This seems evident in the case of nominalizations – compare his assumption that it was so and he assumed that it was so, but can plausibly be generalized to nouns like fact, idea and so on, that have no verb counterparts. Fact would thus be a one-place predicate, idea a two-place one (his idea that.

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