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By Zev Chafets

Over the process a rare yr, Zev Chafets—former manhattan day-by-day information columnist and onetime director of the Israeli executive press office—traveled the area to discover the unbelievable confluence of Jews and evangelicals. He spent caliber time with Jerry Falwell, visited Jewish cadets at West aspect, attended the world's greatest Christian retail exhibit, launched into a highway journey with the rabbi with the most important gentile following because Jesus, journeyed to the Holy Land with a band of repentant Christian pilgrims, and broke bread with George W. Bush and fellow Jewish Republicans. A fit Made in Heaven is the penetrating, enticing, and sometimes hilarious narrative of Chafets's made up our minds quest to get to the foundation of a truly critical query: Why do evangelicals aid Israel so strongly? equivalent components historical past, comedy, travelogue, and political tract, it's a clever and adventurous odyssey alongside a swiftly altering spiritual and political border.

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In 1964, the American Board of Missions to the Jews (ABMJ)— a Brooklyn Christian outreach founded by a converted Hungarian rabbi, Leopold Cohn, at the end of the nineteenth century—set up a booth at the New York World’s Fair that was widely ignored. Seven years later, the same group ran a full-page ad in the New York Times. This caused a ripple because it coincided with the emergence of a new movement, Jews for Jesus. Jews for Jesus was the creation of an ABMJ missionary, Moishe Rosen. Born in 1931 and raised a secular Jew, he found Jesus in 50 among the christians Denver (the same place Hyman Appleman was converted a generation earlier).

Jay Sekulow runs Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice, the born-again equivalent of the ACLU; he was named one of the country’s twenty-five most influential evangelicals by Time magazine. ” But, with apologies to these luminaries, they represent a pretty thin harvest for a hundred-year missionary effort. O n e o f t h e great differences between evangelical Christianity and Judaism is that Jews don’t proselytize. Orthodox rabbis are enjoined to discourage potential converts three times, and some of them are very good at it.

It doesn’t seem like much today but that letter sent a welcoming signal to the Jews of Europe. Immigrants began arriving, most of them from Germany. ” They wanted to be regular Americans of the Jewish faith. ” Forty years later, this attitude was challenged by the emergence of a proto-Zionist movement. Groups of young Eastern European Jews, called Chovevei Zion (“Lovers of Zion”) began moving to Palestine and establishing agricultural colonies. This excited the interest and support of several European benefactors, chief among them the Rothschild family, but American Jews didn’t like In the Beginning 23 the looks of it.

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