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By J. Lachlan Mackenzie, María de los Ángeles Gómez-González

This quantity makes an attempt to supply a brand new structure for useful grammar, bringing jointly many modern discoveries. In a middle article by way of Kees Hengeveld, a heritage is given to a dozen contributions by means of a world array of students, every one of whom extra develops the version in his or her personal distinctiveness. the quantity concludes with an epilogue by way of Hengeveld, within which he attracts jointly some of the strands right into a united idea.

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Reporting direct speech may be interpreted as a form of mimicry (Clark and Gerrig 1990), where direct speech can be seen as imitated code. ”. and that direct speech reports may contain meaningless noise, as in: (15) He said: “gagugagugagu”. The latter example furthermore shows that the imitated code can be any part of the expression level. In (14) the speaker refers (R) in the second argument of the verb say to a previous sentence (s) which in the actual expression is repeated through imitation.

Interpersonal: Decl (RFoc: ‘Mr Smith’: ‘grumpy’) representational: (dsx: Mr Smith: grumpy) expression: (NP: /ðə grmpi mstə smθ/) c. A grumpy Mr Smith went home. interpersonal: Decl (R: ‘Mr Smith’: ‘grumpy’) representational: (dsx: Mr Smith: grumpy) expression: (NP: /ə grmpi mstə smθ/) This representation has several notable features. Firstly, the expression layer indicates the referential unity of the three utterances: in each the Speaker refers to Mr Smith. Secondly, the interpersonal layer can represent grammaticalized pragmatic differences if need be.

I have grouped them thematically. 1. The problem of structure (PR1) Dik never provides an explanation of how he constructed FG1 from the various components he appropriated and modified. But to understand the problem of structure (PR1) in contemporary FG work we need to consider why constituent structure seems to be absent from FG1. 15 The critical objective for Dik was to find a way for the URs of his grammatical theory to be independent of autonomous syntax. His approach was quite inventive. Firstly, he simply removed all references to constituent structure (such as noun phrase, head, and so forth) from the URs, reducing them to lexical items arranged in a combination of functional relationships – semantic, syntactic,16 and pragmatic relationships.

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