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By Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Ion Giurgea

In response to fresh examine in formal linguistics, this quantity presents an intensive description of the full process of Romanian Noun words, understood in a longer feel, that's, as well as nouns, pronouns and determiners, it examines all of the adnominal words: genitive-marked DPs, adjectives, relative clauses, appositions, prepositional words, supplement clauses and non-finite modifiers. The booklet specializes in syntax and the syntax-semantics interface but in addition encompasses a systematic morphological description of the language. The implicitly comparative description of Romanian inside the e-book can function a place to begin for the research of the syntax/semantics of Noun words in different languages, whether or now not they're typologically regarding Romanian. This ebook may be of distinctive curiosity to linguists engaged on Romanian, Romance languages, comparative linguistics and language typology, specifically simply because Romanian is suitable for comparative linguistics not just as a Romance language, but in addition as a part of the so-called Balkan Sprachbund.

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Gen ‘a book which belongs to the patient’ (38) a. *Prietenul este [al Mariei]. gen c. gen Chapter 1. Introduction There are however some adnominal constituents which cannot appear in postcopular positions and do not allow for relative clause paraphrases, despite the fact that they are not complements of N. This is due to the fact that they do not combine with N by predicate intersection. We may thus distinguish two types of modifiers: intersective modifiers and non-intersective modifiers. 4).

The prenominal field comprises functional categories for the most part (see §3 above). Since functional categories may be analyzed as heading their own projections, which take the NP as their complement, the head-initiality of the nominal domain proves to be consistent. 1 we have seen that the NP may comprise various adnominal constituents: adjectives, preposititional phrases (PPs), bare nouns, genitive DPs, relative clauses, nonfinite verbal constituents and finite clauses introduced by a complementizer.

Fpl Pronouns with antecedents containing neuter nouns also show masculine in the singular and feminine in the plural. Note that as shown in (9b), two coordinated singular neuters trigger feminine plural agreement. The feminine can be considered as a morphological default for the plural (it is the normal form used for coordination of inanimates with different genders); moreover, as shown in (3) above, the masculine can be considered as a morphological default form for the singular (it is the form used when the element which should control agreement does not have gender, see the case of clausal subjects).

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