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By C. Franken

This ebook considers the paintings of the novelist and critic A.S. Byatt within the context of up to date debates approximately artwork, authorship, creativity, and gender. A.S. Byatt emerges as an writer who provides us with interesting and ambivalent pictures of writers and who makes use of metaphors of creativity in unique methods.

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Byatt recognizes the similarity between this critique of the author as the sole originator of meaning and her own dislike of ‘the author’ as somebody who narcissistically expresses herself in literature. Her aversion to solipsism and her belief that writing should serve as an escape from the self would seem to make her a natural ally of the post-structuralist critique of the author as genius who expresses himself in literature. At the same time, however, the writer A. S. Byatt feels threatened by theories which postulate ‘the death of the author’ and accuses them of being aggressive towards the writer.

Gender’ does not play a role in ‘Identity and the Writer’, although it could have done. Feminist critiques of the post-structuralist ‘death of the author’ also hold on to a concept of ‘identity’ even though it is fraught with conceptual difficulties. A. S. Byatt is aware of these aspects of feminist thought: both of the feminist reliance on ‘identity’ and its difficulties. 88 Her critical work also emphasizes the relevance of ‘gender’ and ‘female identity’ in its criticism of F. R. Leavis. She uses feminist arguments in defending George Eliot against F.

S. Byatt when she began to write The Shadow of the Sun. What theories of creative identity, authorship and art can one infer from A. S. Byatt’s portraits of these people? Introducing The Shadow of the Sun A. S. Byatt’s debut tells the story of a very hot summer and a stormy autumn in the life of a creative family in the North of England. The novel is divided into two parts. In the first part the characters are introduced: Caroline Severell is married to Henry Severell, a famous novelist. They have two children – Jeremy and Anna.

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