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This will give you 65 characters per line, which will accommodate most e-mail programs. 4. Save your résumé as a text-only file with line breaks. If you have been instructed to use hard carriage returns at the end of paragraphs instead of at the end of lines, save as text-only without the line breaks. 5. Open this new file in Notepad or any other text editor that you have on your system. 6. If your traditional résumé is longer than one page and contains your contact information or page numbers on every page, remove that information.

Consider it your calling card or letter of introduction. Single-handedly, it will be the reason why a prospective employer will invite you in for an interview. Hiring managers may be reviewing hundreds of résumés for a single opening. Consequently, it’s critical that yours: ● Matches up to what the employer is looking for in the ideal candidate ● Paints you as a “safe” hire—one who can do the job and who will fit in with the team ● Enables the hiring manager to see you successfully handling the required tasks and responsibilities You may think your current résumé does all the above, but are you really getting the number of callbacks you were expecting, or are you wondering why you’re not?

The second best source of candidates is through the posting on their Website. If you have a colleague who has a good relationship with a recruiter, you may want to ask them to make some introductions. After all, personal networking has the highest rate of success when it comes to finding the ideal job. ON THE RECORD How to Get Noticed by Recruiters Hooking up with the right IT recruiter is a great way of finding a position that matches your skills and career objectives. IT placement companies, such as Kelly IT Resources, the IT division of leading placement company Kelly Services, offer you the opportunity of temporary contracts, contractto-hire, and full-time employment.

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