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Revised and up-to-date, this moment version first explains heuristically the physics of acousto-optics prior to proposing the maths of the formal thought. the fabric is built-in to demonstrate and advertise the improvement of latest principles, ideas, theories, innovations and units. The textual content additionally deals sections at the Near-Bragg regime and curved sound wave fronts, assurance of the numerical process, chosen purposes, insurance of anisotropic Bragg diffraction, and fabric on spectral formalisms.

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The latter is characterized by diffraction spreading, with the wavefronts gradually acquiring phase curvature. Evenclose to the transducer, where the wavefronts are reasonably flat, there exist appreciable variations of amplitude due to Fresnel diffraction. The effect of this can be clearly seen in a 1941 schlieren picture by Osterhammel [l l] shown in Fig. 4. The first weak scattering calculation for a “real” sound field was carried out by Gordon [l21 in 1966. Even Brillouin, who had started out from very general physical configurations, adopted the rectangular sound column in his 1933 monograph [3] referred to above.

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