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By Jackie Cassada, Rick Chillot, Stephen DiPesa, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Malcolm Sheppard

The fourth of the five order books for Mage

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One of the highest priorities for the order is the timely identification of mages suitable for the Arrow. Once a mage has been recruited, proper training and philosophical orientation become necessary to point him in the right direction. • Recruitment is a critical concern within the order. Because of the Arrows’ nature as warrior-mages with a duty to protect their fellow Pentacle mages — a mandate that holds as strongly today as it did in Atlantis, the order seeks to identify as quickly as possible any newly Awakened mage whose talents and inclinations might qualify him for initiation into the Adamantine Arrow.

Conveniently, this also gives him a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to interpreting his promises — but not too much. He must cleave to his original intentions, even if it means twisting his words to fit them. Even so, order mages can’t get too creative with their promises without undercutting their social position and the Adamantine Arrow’s collective prestige. The whole point of an oath is to express convictions, so if the message gets too distorted, it isn’t fulfilling its purpose.

Unfortunately, warrior-mages have duties that might force them to sin. Murder, deception and callousness are never forgiven simply because they served a greater purpose. Immoral acts still sicken an Arrow’s soul. Sin is the Abyss of a warrior’s personal universe. Therefore, Arrows regularly purify themselves with special rituals and duties. In Western societies, order mages often confess their sins and perform charitable acts. In some cases, the mages confess to the same priests and confidantes as Sleepers do, but the mages carefully word their stories to preserve Awakened secrets.

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