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By Patricia Cabredo Hofherr, Ora Matushansky

Adjectives are relatively much less good studied than the lexical different types of nouns and verbs. the current quantity brings jointly reviews within the syntax and semantics of adjectives. 4 of the contributions examine the syntax of adjectives in various languages (English, French, Mandarin chinese language, smooth Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, and Serbocroatian). The theoretical matters explored contain: the syntax of attributive and predicative adjectives, the syntax of nominalized adjectives and the identity of adjectives as a unique lexical class in Mandarin chinese language. an extra 4 contributions research various elements within the semantics of adjectives in English, French, and Spanish, facing superlatives, comparatives, and element in adjectives. This quantity can be of curiosity to researchers and scholars in syntax, formal semantics, and language typology.

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If there are no ordering restrictions, we find no hierarchical properties either (asyndetically coordinated adjectives; see Sproat & Shih 1988). Syntactic positions of attributive adjectives  The two cases of multiple adjectives are illustrated in (18a/b) and (18c) respectively (examples adapted from Scott 2002: 92): (18) a. big red cars (neutral order, neutral intonation; hierarchical modification: big among red cars) b. *red big cars (marked order, focal/topic stress, hierarchical modification: red among big cars) c.

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