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By Kirsten Heimann

Molecular study on algae over the past many years has supplied major insights into common organic mechanisms. this data has proved necessary to the sphere of biotechnology the place learn on new purposes in meals tradition, biofuel and prescribed drugs is underway. This new e-book on algal phone biology presents an outline of state-of-the-art study with a spotlight on cytoskeleton structure/function and cytokinesis of algae.

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If primary plastids evolved multiple times, a similar pattern of mosaicism would not be expected. Thus the overall similarity of the evolutionary origins of Calvin cycle genes in primary plastid-bearing eukaryotes would seem to favor a single origin of primary plastids. Under such a scenario, the most likely explanation for the complex gene ancestries discussed above for rbcLS and FBA is LGT and/or gene duplication events followed by differential losses, rather than independent acquisitions of similar but distinct endosymbionts (Reyes-Prieto and Bhattacharya 2007a).

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Rost. 2000. Directional cell-to-cell communication in the Arabidopsis root apical meristem III. Plasmodesmata turnover and apoptosis in meristem and root cap cells during four weeks after germination. Protoplasma 213: 99–107. , C. Andreoli and B. Baldan. 2007. Heat stress: an inducer of programmed cell death in Chlorella saccharophila. Plant Cell Physiol. 48: 1000–1009. 2 Endosymbiosis, gene transfer and algal cell evolution Shinichiro Maruyama and John M. Archibald The evolution of plastids It is well established that plastids (chloroplasts) evolved from prokaryotic endosymbionts related to modern-day cyanobacteria.

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