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By Jill P. G. Urban, Robert J. Wilkins (auth.), Seisuke Tanaka M.D., Chiaki Hamanishi M.D. (eds.)

Basic study on osteoarthritis has been conducted usually from the his­ tological and biochemical facets of the degenerating chondrocytes, collagen fibers, and matrix proteoglycans. Undue mechanical rigidity has been proven to be the crucial consider the initiation of osteoarthritis. even though the precise strategy wherein mechanical tension ends up in the complete destruction of cartilage tissue continues to be uncertain, numerous new examine tools have enabled us to achieve a deeper realizing of the method of degeneration. In October 1997, we geared up a world symposium titled "Ad­ vances in Osteoarthritis" in Kobe, with the most subject matters being up-to-date re­ seek, prognosis, and remedy of osteoarthritis. The lawsuits of the symposium are provided right here in 5 sections: (1) Mechanical pressure and reactions of chondrocytes, akin to intracellular ion adjustments, alterations within the cytoskeleton, intracellular messenger structures, free up of fuel mediators, and adjustments in electromechanical houses of cartilage; (2) sensible analysis of osteoarthritis by way of MR imaging, and utilizing calpain and collagenase III as new cartilage markers; (3) therapy with a promising easy washout approach and IL-1RA and MMP antagonists; (4) Cartilage fix via new grafting tech­ niques; and (5) difficulties following overall joint alternative. We essentially desire that the complex wisdom supplied during this quantity of lawsuits can be worthy to our readers.

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NS, not significant Mechanical Stress on Chondrocytes 43 3. 1 Exp. d. , not determined. Cells were cultured in the basence or presence of a higher cyclic tensile stretch (see Table 1). Enzyme activity was measured using a Biotrak kit, and phosphate transferred per 15 min was compared with nonstretched controls at the indicated time. : SD of 6 wells). Three experiments are shown, using different preparations of bovine chondrocytes. inhibition was completely blocked by PDBu pretreatment (Fig. 6).

Trans Orthop Res Soc 18:617 56. Curtis AJ, Devenish RJ, Handley CJ (1992) Modulation of aggrecan and linkprotein synthesis in articular cartilage. Biochem J 288:721-726 57. Bagchi T, Larson DE, Sells BH (1987) Cytoskeletal association of muscle-specific mRNAs in differentiating L6 rat myoblasts. Exp Cell Res 168:160-172 58. Symington AL, Zimmerman S, Stein J, et al (1991) Hydrostatic pressure influences histone mRNA. J Cell Sci 98:123-129 59. Takano KJ, Takano T, Yamanouchi Y, et al (1997) Pressure-induced apoptosis in human Iymphoblasts.

73fmol/mg of protein. The addition of the muscarinic agonist oxotremorine elevated the intracellular calcium ion concentration and protein kinase C activity, increased the release, and decreased the synthesis of GAG. The specific M1 receptor antagonist inhibited all these stimulative or inhibitory effects of oxotremorine almost completely, although specific M2 and M3 receptor antagonists did not. This is the first study, to our knowledge, documenting the presence and role of muscarinic receptors on articular chondrocytes.

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