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By W. Leggett

This well timed ebook assesses the legacy of either the 3rd means and its critics. examining the connection among social concept and political process, it outlines the root of a post-New Labour undertaking. Collapsing the limits among sociology and political technology, this ebook is vital examining for an individual attracted to center-left renewal.

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After New Labour: Social Theory and Centre-Left Politics

This well timed booklet assesses the legacy of either the 3rd method and its critics. reading the connection among social idea and political procedure, it outlines the root of a post-New Labour venture. Collapsing the limits among sociology and political technological know-how, this e-book is vital examining for a person attracted to center-left renewal.

Freedom Not Yet: Liberation and the Next World Order (New Slant: Religion, Politics, Ontology)

The neoliberal undertaking within the West has created an more and more polarized and impoverished global, to the purpose that the majority of its voters require liberation from their current socioeconomic situations. The marxist theorist Kenneth Surin contends that innovation and alter on the point of the political needs to take place as a way to accomplish that liberation, and for this undertaking marxist idea and philosophy are vital.

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This provocative and non-polemic learn explores the price procedure of the nationwide entrance circulation in France, and explains the best way the movement's ideology has been formulated and articulated within the Eighties and Nineties. additionally discussing the an important position of Le Pen, this e-book presents a desirable enquiry into the main arguable political get together in modern France.

The new Leviathan : the state versus the individual in the 21st century

The information and rules which are percolating down from 1600 Pennsylvania street and Capitol Hill—increased govt intervention, calls to “spread the wealth around,” arduous rules, and bailouts for all—are now not new. We’ve been down this highway sooner than. we all know the place it leads. it really is that forlorn byway that Friedrich von Hayek referred to as the line to Serfdom.

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This involves not clinging on to outdated ideas, nor dogmatically affirming the new times, but rather enabling the protection of valued practices amidst necessary modernisation. 21 It provides a theoretical sketch of a possible role for the centre-left in the face of new times, by recombining aspects of left and right. The problem for centre-left political strategists is that philosophic conservatism in no sense provides a programmatic outline for a centreleft party such as New Labour. Philosophic conservatism is an account of the necessary, defensive function of politics per se, rather than a programme that is necessarily of the centre-left.

Work, welfare and social exclusion Globalisation and changes in the technology and organisation of production also affect the Third Way understanding of the relationship between work, welfare and social exclusion. Third Wayers point to the end of the idea of a job for life, the mass movement of women into employment, a simultaneous growth in part-time work and a pervasive sense of insecurity about work contracts. The move to flexible, short-term contracts and the growth in part-time employment has meant that most people can expect to undergo periods when they are out of work, and will often have to retrain to be able to enter new areas of the economy and keep up with technological innovations.

This thesis holds that as a result of the social and economic changes described throughout this chapter, social class has become a weak indicator of voting preference. ’39 Indeed, political allegiance per se is less fixed and partisan, evidenced in the rise of the ‘floating voter’. 43 Giddens suggests that ‘to be on the left is indeed primarily a matter of values. ’44 The assumption here is that whereas ideology tends to rely on fixed material interests, values are better able to tap into the newly diverse lifestyle and ethical concerns of the electorate.

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