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The 3rd version of Air and fuel Drilling describes the fundamental simulation types for drilling deep wells with air or gasoline drilling fluids, gasified two-phase drilling fluids, and solid foam drilling fluids. The types are the foundation for the advance of a scientific approach for making plans below balanced deep good drilling operations and for tracking the drilling operation in addition to building undertaking advances. Air and gasoline Drilling discusses either oil and normal fuel functions, and geotechnical (water good, environmental, mining) purposes. vital good development and final touch matters are mentioned for all functions. The engineering analyses thoughts are used to increase pre-operations making plans tools, troubleshooting operations tracking options and total operations threat research. the basic aim of the publication is drilling and good development expense administration keep watch over. The booklet is in either SI and British Imperial devices. *Master the air and fuel drilling strategies in development and improvement of water wells, tracking wells, geotechnical boreholes, mining operations boreholes and extra *30% of all wells drilled use fuel and air, based on the U.S. division of strength estimates *Contains easy simulation equations with examples for direct and opposite flow drilling types and examples for air and gasoline, gasified fluids, and solid foam drilling versions

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23 24 CHAPTER 2 Air and Gas Versus Mud Ability to Cope with Formation Water Air and Gas Unstable Foam Stable Foam Aerated Mud Mud Increasing FIGURE 2-14. Control of the inflow of formation water. drilling mud weight (with additives) can yield the appropriate drilling fluid to assure underbalanced drilling. However, if the pore pressure is not unusually high, then air and gas drilling techniques are required to lighten the drilling fluid column in the annulus. Figure 2-14 shows a schematic of the various drilling fluids and their respective potential for keeping formation water out of the drilled borehole.

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The heated drilling mud flowing in the annulus heats the outside of the drilling string, which in turn heats the drilling mud flowing down the drill string. Because of its good heat storage capabilities, the drilling mud exits the annulus with a temperature greater than the injection temperature but less than the bottom hole temperature. 4 C). Figure 2-19 shows plots of the temperature in compressible air drilling fluid as a function of depth. 3 Comparison of Mud and Air Drilling Temperature (ЊF) 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 0 200 0 Injection and Exit −500 −1000 Inside Drill String and Annulus −4000 −1500 −6000 Depth (m) Depth (ft) −2000 −2000 −8000 −2500 Bit −10000 0 20 40 60 80 −3000 Temperature (ЊC) FIGURE 2-19.

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