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0. 3952, 4963, 6637. MON. 0. 9, I : 9, 11-12 (mis-spelt ongali); 47. 73-4; USp. : Xak. XI 6:dl: ne:gni: 'he understood (fafina) the matter, nftcr he had thought (tafakkara) about it' Kaf. e. d e k s ] , close the door (on it)' 4560. 3 ayags:z ulu/) kiqlg can hardly mean 'neither honourable nor clishonourablc, great and small', and this must be a rather unusual use of I a p 'very honourable, very dishonourable': Xak. X I a p a word taking the place of ld, 'not', as in a p bu: a p 01 'neither this nor that' Koy.

20 ( I ) (c). inscription, para, 2 1 (2). 'that is'. , para. 50. Imperatil-e (mood of verb). Infinitive (of verb). Instrumental case. Intransitive (verb). Irk Bitig, para. 20 (2) ( d ) . Ixe-xu~otuinscription, para. 20 ( I ) (d). Jotrrriul of the Royal Asiatic Society. Dr. Gunnar Jarring, para. 58. Qrr:Bilig, pnra. 2 3 . Prose Preface of KB, para. 23. Verse Preface of KB, para. 23. ABBREVIATIONS, S H O R T TITLES, ETC. Ka$. Krm. Kar. L. Kar. T. Karg. Ka3. Kav. Kaz. Khak. KIP. Klr. Kiz. Kk. Koib.

Code letter, para. 15. loan-word. Lebed, N E dialect, para. 57. Lelzce-i Osmaniye, para. 62. Prof. L. Ligeti, para. 27. literal, literally. Locative case. , MSS. Mal. Man. -uig. Frag. Mel. metaph. Mon. Mon. V. Mong. Muh. Code letter, para. 1 5 . , para. 20 (2) (b). Makhmudov and Musabaev, para. 57. zabbat NCma, para. 4 2 . manuscript, manuscripts. S. Ye. Malov, para. zo ( 2 ) (b). ), paras. 20 (2) (e), 21 (3) (b). -A dialect. para. 20 (2) (e). Melioranski, para. 33. metaphorical, metaphorically.

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