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By J. C. Van Loon

Written for the working towards analyst, Analytical equipment for Geochemical Exploration deals completely confirmed chemical research equipment for opting for what base or useful metals are in geochemical exploration samples, corresponding to rocks, soil, or sediment. thought is stored to a minimal and entire systems are supplied in order that no extra resources are had to behavior analyses

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A small a m o u n t of metal or metal salt, such as an iodide, and an inert gas are sealed within a silica bulb. T h e bulb is m o u n t e d in the cavity of a radio-frequency (rf) coil. Radiation from the lamp is transmitted through a quartz w i n d o w . T h e lamp has about the same overall size as a hollow-cathode lamp and is positioned in the lamp c o m p a r t m e n t of the instrument in the same w a y . Stable lamp output is usually obtained after about 15 min. T h e m a n u f a c t u r e r ' s r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s for operating the lamp should be followed.

5. Electrodeless discharge lamp. 6. Interferences As in all analytical m e t h o d s , interferences are important considerations because they d e c r e a s e a c c u r a c y and increase detection limits. K n o w l e d g e of the types of interferences which may arise in atomic absorption and how they may be overcome is essential. S o m e metals such as c o p p e r and m a n g a n e s e d o not have serious problems in flame atomic absorption e v e n in the analysis of a range of sample t y p e s .

A s u m m a r y of the extensive literature on interferences in electrothermal atomization has been prepared by Slavin and Manning (11). Matrix matching and modification d o not o v e r c o m e all chemical interferences. Separation of the elements of interest from the bulk of the sample may be the only practical way to deal with severe p r o b l e m s . Ionization Interferences A t o m s of some elements can b e c o m e ionized in flames or electrothermal a t o m i z e r s . A s a result, the a t o m population diminishes and sensitivity declines.

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