In order to respect the confidentiality of some of my clients I’ve included initials, age and profession only. I thank all of my amazing clients for sharing their experience so generously.

A.A. 39 years old, General Manager, Dubai

"I was literally broken…. Having lost what I thought was the love of my life, alone, with a not yet 3 year old boy, in deep debt and in a foreign country… My husband, unemployed for 2 years, finally got a job and a Bimbo girlfriend at the same time, and was proud to inform me that he was leaving me, with our financial issues on my back…

I don’t think I could have fallen lower, as suicide was next thing to do on my list. Mental and physical pain were my daily bread. There seemed to be only problems, and no solutions whatsoever. One can think: “oh I am a smart, educated women, I shall figure it out somehow”… But down there, into your struggles, you are not you, and the lines are blurred.

Then it took me 2 hours only to start figure the way out. Two precious hours of coaching (which, by the way, I was skeptical to even try in the beginning). The coaching turned the problems into solutions to manifest, as I was part of the solutions! You think it was about silly talk and tears on the pillow? Well…. Today I am alive, and did not touch one single Prozac or Xanax….

Bolutiwi opened the way to my inner me, the one that I forgot along the process of been told what I was. She turned my fears and despairs into starting points, and building blocks to changes within me. No judgment for once, no criticism on what I was considering my “failure”, no “I think you should do this and not do that”, but simply the “now what?” questions to identify the closer “feel better” stage for me - even if that stage was hatred, and lead me to focusing on it. She took me out of my past and put me back into my present. As simple as that. Thus the “healing process” was started. The direction was set. One thing at the time.

Focusing on the problem, one cannot foresee the solution… When you think problem, you are negative. When you think solution, you switch to positive. And this is where my help came into the picture, through coaching. A little bit of positive input, without being told what you have to do– through coaching – can really go a long way. Four months later, I can say that I am half way through with regards to my initial “life complaints”. I do not control them, but I can embrace them. The good part is that, in the process, I have become eager for even more clarity! And I’ve permanently changed my habits, my way of seeing things… If miracles exist, well, I can consider this encounter, between Bolutiwi and me, as a miracle. I am alive and I can actually smile and enjoy life…And for a looooong run, knowing what I know now!"

S.A. 29 years old Founder, Managing Director and Public Speaker, Dubai

"Intuitive, sharp and efficient, those are 3 words I would use to describe Bolutiwi as a coach. She knows exactly what questions to ask and she is always a great mirror to your situation. Having a breakthrough is something to be expected with her and feeling empowered after talking to her is also something to expect. I highly recommend her for coaching and mentoring, she is very supportive, wise and powerful in her approach and the best thing about her is that you get quick and insightful results right away."

Y.O. 53 years old Chemical Engineer and Jewellery Designer, Washington DC

"I thank Bolutiwi so much for her passion and commitment to helping others figure out who they are and be in total control of the only person they can control, which is themselves. Even though I’ve had only a few coaching sessions, I am in such a good place, so much so others have noticed, just last week, someone asked me “what are you doing? You look ten years younger, without hesitation, I responded that “I am very happy”. After I left her, I thought about my response and realized that I am truly happy, nothing bothers me, I am in better control of my emotions such that nobody is able to press my buttons, I am able to remove myself from issues and analyse situations without taking them personally. I have found that the strategies Bolutiwi recommended are easy to follow and effective. Thanks again, I look forward to future sessions."

D.S. 28 years old, Life Coach, London

"Bolutiwi helped me overcome problems that I never thought I would be able to overcome. She helped me transform my relationships, career and money blocks. It was truly a miracle what I experienced with Bolutiwi and my life has transformed ever since. I gained great healing and after every session my life transforms in miraculous ways. I am so grateful to Bolutiwi and I have learned so much from her. Her warmth and grace are also so comforting."

A.W. 32 years old. Financial Manager, Paris

"Integrative coaching sessions have changed the way I’m managing my life, restructured the way I think to let me feel the power and freedom I wanted. Working on my emotions has been really intense and exhausting, however been released of my negative emotions is a wonderful feeling.

During my sessions I managed to talk and analyze each of my fears and every single aspect of my life, relationships, social life, love, professional projects, career changes, family. As the perfect coach she asked me the relevant questions, she is so passionate and dedicated, together we went deeper in my thoughts and I was able to questions myself in a way I never did before. It's been a deep, sometimes tiring, series of analysis and researches in my unconscious and conscious mind.

Bolutiwi had given me the chance to reach the essential points and goals in my life, and to decide the direction I wanted to take. I had think about the results of my Integrative coaching session many times since I completed the program. And it helps handling a difficult situation where my fears and emotions would have come first in the past.

I would definitely recommend an Integrative coaching program with Bolutiwi for people who feel ready for a life change."

A. I. 36 years old, CEO and Artist.

"I have done a number of courses, worked with business consultants, accountability and peer groups. While all helpful, nothing compares to my work with Bolutiwi. Each session is insightful and enjoyable. I always feel a boost and see new ways of doing and approaching things. Day to day, I see practical progress and an overall improvement in my life beyond my initial goal. Often it is as if she is reading my mind - each session, each book recommendation etc is right on time and target.

Halfway through, my expectations have been exceeded many times over. Not only is my original goal manifesting with ease, I am dreaming and achieving even bigger. Even more and unexpectedly so, my health, relationships and “future dreams” are coming up and resolving themselves. I feel healthier, happier and good about my accomplishments and efforts than ever. My friends and colleagues have commented on how much more energised I am.

Since these sessions, I have a new sense of myself by seeing myself through Bolutiwi’s fresh and supportive eyes."

A. S. 39 years old, Teacher, Dubai

"I was really struggling with my weight and self-esteem and felt uncomfortable in my own body as my mobility felt reduced, I was tired all the time and I wasn’t as interested in exercise as I have been previous to coming to Dubai. I therefore made contact with Bolutiwi because I liked the sound of her approach to coaching. She used various techniques and listened to me if I didn’t like certain approaches and adjusted our course appropriately.

After several weeks my weight became less of an obsession, I understand good nutrition much better and I am now far more active, exercising every day and generally listening to my body much more. During our weeks working together we also managed to resolve various other personal issues in our journey such as learning to live with family illness, how to be less stressed in my job and I feel I have found peace within myself, with my abusive biological mother.

Bolutiwi takes a friendly, respectful approach in her practices. She listens to her clients and follows the natural route that sessions may take."

S. E. B. 42 years old, Retail Director, Dubai

"I started this coaching journey with a professional goal in mind. Bolutiwi listened carefully to my needs and knew how she would support and lead me through it. This journey became a life overhaul, rethinking it all and putting it back into place.

I've never been more focused, yet so serene, in my whole life! I can see my own progress. It's the best investment I have done for a long time, in me for a sustainable future."