Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju

Integrative Coach, Founder Magniessence Coaching

"Sacrifice and difficulty need not line my path to success. I can learn, succeed, and thrive, in EASE AND FLOW. I can manifest abundance easily should this be my desire."

I’m no stranger to the business world and marching to the rhythm of results, deadlines and corporate politics. You see, once upon a time, I was dedicated to climbing the corporate ladder within a large international firm dedicated to beauty. Though I worked with full dedication leaving little space for much else at the time, I knew deep within me that I would not spend 40 years as an employee and would one day CREATE my own company so I could spend my time doing something much more MEANINGFUL to me with complete FREEDOM.

Fourteen years later (YES! It flew by), having learned a great deal (IT SURE WAS a great school). THE VOICE inside me could no longer be silenced. IT wanted to be heard and NOW I had to listen. The message was loud and clear. I always wanted to help EMPOWER people. TODAY I want EVERYONE to know the POWER that lies in being CONNECTED… with one’s SELF, one’s DESIRES, one’s TRUTH… I see a world in which we operate from a platform of DESIRE and LOVE vs FEAR and WORSE!

I didn’t always have this understanding. It was a journey. You see, I’d begun to notice that my health was a mess during my last few years! My Energy levels at their lowest ever. For some reason I would be very tired at 10 pm each night. It did not feel right. I used to be a night bird. My body was sending me signals, aches, pains… but the doctors could not find anything concrete. I kept up a brave face with a very stiff upper lip, but inside I was stressed, confused, dissatisfied, and restless and worst of all lacking in the PASSION that I’d always had. What was going on? Why did everything seem like such a struggle?

Over my last 24 months in the corporate world, I WOKE UP, GREW UP, SHIFTED PERSPECTIVE AND MANIFESTED my FREEDOM. Today I am so GRATEFUL for the numerous lessons I learned. There is one lesson that I feel I must share NOW. Sacrifice and difficulty need not line my path to success. I can learn, succeed, and thrive, in EASE AND FLOW. I can manifest abundance easily should this be my desire.

Yes I’m still results oriented (I did not get a personality transplant!). I simply now understand how to achieve my goals with EASE instead of sacrifice, resistance and regret. The magic ingredient is so simple that you will wonder why no one told you before. This is what I would love to share with you. The secret is within YOU. This is what we reveal during the coaching program..

I would love to hear from you and then we can both decide if we want to work together to achieve YOUR GOAL, to FULFILL YOUR DESIRES. TAKE ACTION NOW! You may be one CLICK away from the version of your life you desire.


  • Do you feel dissatisfied with the current version of your life? Is something not quite right?
  • Do you feel stressed, angry, annoyed, irritated, sad, anxious, fearful, frustrated, ashamed, guilty and powerless about some aspects of your life?
  • Are you tired and bored of these emotions clouding your outlook?
  • Do you feel stuck, where you are and don’t know what or how to change?
  • Do you simply need help with particular issue you’re facing?
  • Are you READY NOW for an alternative LIFE in which you feel GREAT?

Answered YES to any questions above? Ready to do something about it?